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Jim Ray Wyly ( Guitar, Vocals)

Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Jim Ray Wyly has been writing and singing for 30 years or so. After going to school in Nacogdoches at SFA and a period in Houston, he moved to the Central Texas Area around 1972 and has been in the Austin/San Antonio Area since.
He has a unique animated soulful delivery that captures a room as soon as he begins to sing. Ranging from Folk to Rock, his writing style is eclectic.. His subject matter could be anything from everyday experiences, legends, down home philosophies or a study in human behavior. Then there is always the old reliable love songs. He co-writes from time to time with others, such as Mike Arterbury, Mark Arterbury and Maurice Hurst, to name a few.
"Jim Ray Wyly can't be boxed in, he's country, he's folk, he has a blues-edge, there's some rock and a lot of Texas. After playing, leading and writing for several years with his band "Movin' Target", he decided to try to walk down some new avenues and concentrate on some of his songwriting.

Lew Andre Mathews ( Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Lew Andre has been an in-demand lead guitar player since the late 70’s and is sought after for his tasteful leads and impeccable rhythms .
He has played with many notable groups and recording artists including but not
limited to Townes Van Zandt, Freddie Fender, Lucinda Williams, Richard Dobson, Sean Walters, The Louvres, The Hemmeridge Mountain Boys and others.
In addition to great guitar parts, Lew Andre is a songwriter and has released a solo album of some of his works on his CD titled Blue Whisper.
He has also written about half the songs currently performed and recorded by THE LOVE BAND. His songs fall into a unique category of their own. His choice of lyrics are exciting and fun. His styles vary from Cajun, country, and rock ’n roll, to the beautiful flowing melody of a love song.
As Lew says, " I'm just another slave to the guitar."
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Sharon May Mathews, ( Guitar, Vocals)

Went to Texas to be with my Sisters who hung out at Anderson Fair
That is where my music school started.  I learned from the best!
Linda Lowe, Tim Leatherwood, Bill Cade, Vince Bell, Eric Taylor, Nancy Griffin,
Married Wrecks Bell, and picked with Lucinda Williams, Towns Vans Zandt, Blaze,
Richard Dobson lot's more.
Married Lew Andre Mathews, and went to California.  Played all over Cali. With Road Kill, Bandera Hwy, and returning to Texas played the last 7 years with the Love Band. Sharon's (MY) music is a little folk, Rock, Blues, Country Rock, and Eclectic Mix.

Now I'm ready to Roll with the Lunar Rollers.

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Charlie DiMaggio ( Drums, Vocals)

Born and raised in The Bronx NY, Charlie began playing professionally 40 years ago at the age of 14.
He has studied with Noted Drum Instructors, Mr. Joe Ciancio, Prof. Michael Carvin, and Mr Sam Ulano.

"Charlie D" has performed and recorded with a great many bands in just about all genres, including The Colorado jazz standout, "Jetstream" from 1996 to 2001.

Since arriving in Austin TX in 2001, he has worked performed and/or recorded with Mac Jack Daddy, Myrna Cabello,Doug Marsh's Catch A Dream, Sunstone, The New Texas Love Band, 2Way Radio,  and the legendary Pinetop Perkins.

Charlie says, he is thrilled to be crafting fine music with his friends, "The Lunar Rollers".


Wild Man Dave ( Bass, Vocals)

Wild Man Dave (Bass, Vocals) was born in California, and grew up among show people, learning jazz and show tunes from his performing family and finding himself in the chorus of productions that included Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver! and the Music Man. He has played in bands in Houston, San Francisco, Kansas City and New Orleans before he finally decided to settle in the Texas Hill Country. Hitting the picking party circuit and showcasing his song list got his name passed around until he was much in demand both as a session performer and as a songwriter. 

In addition to his solo career, he has played for such acts as Lazrpixls, Godzilla on Ice, Bronx Irish Catholics, the Love Band, Dana McBride, Patty Finney, 2way Radio, and the legendary Houston underground band The Electric Gypsies.



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